Monday 3 August 2015

Save Money For Your Painter!

On larger renovations contractors and/or homeowners should save money for their painter!

I can't stress this enough.  Whether or not you are planning on living in the house or flipping it, the first and last thing anyone sees in a home is the paint job, so you should never be cheap on it.  I'm not saying go with the guy who touches up the Sistine Chapel for a living but certainly don't go with the lowest quote.

Often toward the end of a larger renovation the budget is dwindling.  Maybe it's because the job took too long or maybe the budget was inadequate to begin with.  Whatever the reason, a good painter is one that can make previous blemishes go away.  Sometimes the taping is bad, sometimes their are nicks in the wall, a great painter can fix all that.

A great paint job is a mix of speed and quality.  Most painters rely on going fast in order to make their margins.  If the price is too low, however, the quality suffers as the painter will cut corners to avoid a financial windfall.  At the right price a great painter can produce high quality work at a reasonable pace.

Take for instance the disaster One Brush Painting walked into last month.  Walking in to a newly painted reno project it looked like the painter was afraid of a vacuum and didn't own a caulking gun.  There were nail holes remaining from the carpenter, dust pellets painted into the baseboards, caulking missing around the trim, wall paint on the ceilings, and door spines unpainted. It was our job to fix the mess and unfortunately it came at the expense of the contractor/homeowner.  A cost that did not have to be incurred had the right painter at the right price been hired.

So the moral of the story is save money for your painter because getting it done right the first time saves on headaches and makes all the difference between a quality looking job and a poor one.

Save money for your painter because your painter saves you money!

Higher the best.  Higher One Brush Painting for the rest.