Monday 2 May 2016

Why One Brush?

The short answer is QUALITY, the long one is PREPARATION.  You cannot have a quality paint job without proper preparation.  A lot of painting companies will claim to use the best products and apply the best painting methods, but what did they do prepare the surface for painting to give it that lasting quality look and finish?

With new home and custom renovations you are normally looking at all new trim, doors, fresh drywall, new stairs, etc.   That means in order to prepare these surfaces a number of steps have to be taken.

For ceilings and walls it is essential to inspect the mudding to ensure that the surface is smooth and ready for priming.  The next step is to give the fresh drywall a light sand for the primer to adhere, sweep the ceilings/walls free of dust, then apply the primer.  Once the primer has ample time to dry the ceilings/walls are then sanded again for adhesion of the top finishing coats.

The trim is the most notable feature on any paint project and often in the entire house!  Trim can come in the form of crown molding, textured ceilings, door jams, and baseboards.  They come in all shapes and sizes and require a tremendous amount of attention to detail.  The first thing to do is to patch every small nail hole that was left by the carpenter's installing the trim.  Then all of the trim is sanded to a smooth surface, removed of all dust, and caulking is inserted into all the joints to fill the gaps.  Once the caulking is dry all the trim and floors are taped off, trim is primed, sanded, cleaned, a first coat of finish applied, sanded again, cleaned, a final coat applied, then touchups.

PREPARATION is the single most important process for producing a high quality paint finish.  It can make the difference between having to repaint your house in 15 years as opposed to 5 years.  It can save you money in the end to pay the right person in the beginning.  A "bad" paint job will spend next to no time on preparation.  A company doing a "good" job will spend %30-%40 on preparation, a company doing a "great" job will spend roughly %40-%50, and a "One Brush Painting" job will spend however long it takes!  That is why we include all the preparation in our estimates.  We don't want anyone else controlling the most crucial aspect of a superior painting job.  It is all about quality control and quality is number "ONE".

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