Monday 30 January 2017

Ebony & Ivory

"Come together in perfect harmony."

At our custom paint project in Lawrence Park we re-finished the stairs, a washroom vanity, and an entire previously stained library.

To get an idea of the difficulty of spray painting the stairs with black oil paint after painting the entire walls white, imagine trying to poor tar onto a road without hitting the curb!   Since we never sacrifice quality we went with the most durable Rustcoat oil paint to cover both the decorative handrail as well as the treads, risers, and stringers.  First we hanged plastic drop sheets all the way down to the basement.  We then taped off the wall at the risers and stringers and taped it to the plastic.  The next step was to sand all of the varnished wood and metal handrail.  Then we cleaned each stair with tacky cloth removing all dust.  Then we primed, sanded, cleaned, and sprayed 2 coats of finish paint on all, paying close attention not to over-spray with our fine finish Titan Sprayer.

The results were worth the effort when we saw the beautiful and sure to last oil finish.  Our painters and equipment worked overtime to produce but its rewards were bountiful.

Just one of the many benefits of choosing One Brush Painting is we always use the best products to ensure the result is lasting and attractive to the eye, no matter the difficulty.  We aren't afraid to bring Ebony & Ivory together in perfect harmony.

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